The Bluegrass Rhythm Guitar Manual, Tab Book

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Excerpt from the introduction:
“I grew up listening to Bluegrass music. And I mean, a LOT of bluegrass music. And after all that listening, I can tell you, the hardest thing for me to hear in a song is the rhythm guitar part. It hides behind a curtain of sound that the banjo, fiddle, mandolin, and singers create, and yet at the same time, supports everything. A good rhythm guitar fills out the mid-range. More than just a time-keeper, it breathes with the music.

In this book, I teach a handful of techniques to get a good, and hopefully, authentic bluegrass rhythm guitar sound. Practice the exercises slowly (there’s nothing fast in this book), and incorporate them into your playing over time. I hope there is just enough to keep you interested, and encourage you to dive deeper into the music we all love.”
– Andy Hatfield

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