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The Lessons With Marcel YouTube channel is the primary hub for all of the bluegrass content Marcel produces. The channel features a wealth of information, in a variety of formats. There are flatpicking instructional videos, pieces about bluegrass history and even the occasional vlog. Every single Monday, Wednesday and Friday new material is uploaded.

While Marcel is the figurehead of the channel, the other LWM teachers often make appearances. Mickey Abraham hosts engaging interviews with industry-leading pickers, Hayes Griffin acts as official punching bag and co-hosts Podcast With Marcel featuring Hayes Griffin.

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The Tab Store houses one of the largest online bluegrass guitar and mandolin tab libraries on the internet. Download breaks for fiddle tunes and vocal songs from your favorite artists and arrangements written by the accomplished LWM instructors. There are individual tabs and whole digital books available, including The Unofficial Tony Rice Collection which has a curated 80 tabs and the Marcel’s Bluegrass Coalition Breaks tab book.

All of the tabs in the Tab Store are by donation only. Add any tab to your cart by entering a donation amount (it’s totally okay to put 0.00), then select Add To Cart and proceed to check out like normal. Donations made will go to the transcriber or arranger of each piece.




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The Bluegrass Coalition (BGC) is a chance for bluegrass musicians all over the world to participate in a virtual jam with their peers and heroes. Originally founded in the LWM Discord server, the Bluegrass Coalition has grown rapidly with each seasonal performance.

Each BGC video features musicians from all over the world playing a common fiddle tune along with the occasional break from a well-known bluegrass musician. Past videos have included guests such as: Bryan Sutton, Trey Hensley, Jake Eddy, Roy Curry, Eli Gilbert, David Benedict, Jim Pankey, Andy Hatfield, and Chris Eldridge. Be sure to submit your break for an upcoming video to be featured with others in the online community and some of your favorite players.

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We have a large community hub through Discord. LWM fans from all over the world have gathered to share bluegrass knowledge and look at memes. If you’d like to join the community, talk with fellow fans, and get answers to your burning bluegrass questions, just click the link below.


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Meet the instructors

Marcel Square

Marcel Ardans

Big Bad Billy Goat

Marcel is a guitarist and teacher best known for his YouTube channel, Lessons With Marcel. The channel was created to help grow the online community and bring bluegrass guitar instruction to folks who needed more accessibility. Most recently Marcel has taught at the Blue Ridge Guitar Camp with Bryan Sutton, Chris Eldridge, Courney Hartman, Jake Eddy and Matt Munisteri.

Mickey is a phenomenal guitarist and mandolinist in Florida. He’s written articles and arrangements for Bluegrass Unlimited and Flatpicking Guitar Magazine. He’s a Suncoast Emmy Award winner and regularly hosts interviews for the LWM YouTube channel. Mickey brings a unique perspective to the team with new and innovative ways to talk about music, he’s taught for many years and has extensive experience in the bluegrass scene. 

Hayes has a Master’s in Contemporary Improvisation, toured internationally and his solo recordings reached the number one spot on the Local Spins Hot Top 5. Hayes runs a popular YouTube channel, is often featured in content with Marcel and spent time as an instructor at the famous Kaufman Kamp. He has a unique perspective as a touring artist and as a teacher for the bluegrass community.


Andy Hatfield


Andy is a guitarist and mandolinist, and he happens to be one of four people to win at the Winfield National Championship for Guitar and Mandolin. In total, he’s won three times. He’s been an instructor at Steve Kaufman’s Kamp and spent time teaching at other festivals and camps in the U.S. and internationally. Andy is an excellent instructor that’s been teaching for over 20 years so he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to lessons. 

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