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LWM has helped hundreds of guitar players get started flatpicking. You’ve found your online destination for instructional videos, fiddle tune arrangements, transcriptions of your favorite breaks, educational blog posts, and one-on-one Skype lessons.

Instructional guitar videos come out weekly on the LWM YouTube channel. You’ll find walkthroughs of your favorite breaks, live transcriptions, interviews with top players, and the occasional vlog of bluegrass events.

Tabs are released weekly at the Tab Store. You’ll find transcriptions of artists you know, original arrangements of fiddle tunes, and transcriptions ordered by other fans. Oh, and most of them are free!

If you can’t find a guitar teacher in your area you can get Skype lessons through LWM! There is sometimes a waitlist to talk to Marcel but if that’s the case, LWM will help you get in touch with another teacher.

Want to look stylish at your next bluegrass jam? LWM can help you with that too. Check out our selection of shirts with bluegrass designs or snag a bluegrass coffee mug for when you’re picking at the office.

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Can’t find any good teachers in your area? No problem! With the help of video chat services like Skype, we’ve taught all over the world from Canada to Australia and beyond.

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Tired of teachers putting you in a ‘program’? we use individualized lesson plans, exercises and custom transcriptions for each student. Tell us what you want to learn, we’ll listen.

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Don’t let advanced content scare you, we teach lots of pickers who are new to bluegrass. Every player can benefit from a teacher, get help with what you need today.