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Yeah, of course, feel free to reach out to the LWM team at, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We acknowledge that the site isn’t perfect but it’s always getting better. The majority of it was created from the sweat of Marcel’s brow and Marcel is a much better guitarist than web master.

Before you reach out you might want to check the FAQ below to see if any of your questions have already been answered!


ask the community

We have a large community hub through Discord. LWM fans from all over the world have gathered to share bluegrass knowledge and look at memes. If you’d like to join the community, talk with fellow fans, and get answers to your burning bluegrass questions, just click the link below.


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Lessons With Marcel was originally entirely run by Marcel but the growth of the community has far exceeded expectations. In order to manage the growing numbers of orders and students Marcel now has a regular group of collaborators.

This includes our instructors: Mickey Abraham, Andy Hatfield, and Hayes Griffin. Who you will find teaching private lessons, workshops, and writing articles. Transcriptionists Loco Joe and Luke Black, their work has been a huge addition to Marcel’s original efforts in the Tabs section of this site. Mike Riedman who manages the vast majority of the data entry and database upkeep that has to be done on a website this size. As well as Kj who helps with writing our weekly mailing list and answering the numerous emails we receive every day.

Thanks for asking, there’s lots of ways you can support LWM. You’ll notice a yellow donate button at the bottom of this site. If you’d like to help keep the lights on, we greatly appreciate all the donations we have received there. If you’d like to make a regular donation, consider becoming a YouTube member for access to some fun extras! 

If you’d like to help keep our teachers paid and receive instruction in the process, please consider purchasing some of our few paid tabs or signing up for Private Lessons and Workshops.

You can also support the LWM Team by following their own educational endeavors:
Mickey Abraham:
Andy Hatfield:
Hayes Griffin:
Luke Black:
Loco Joe:

If you’re having a problem with an order you placed for tabs you might check here to see if one of your questions was previously answered.

The Bluegrass Coalition has it’s own FAQ that likely answers your question! Find that here.

The link to your workshop will be emailed to you the day before the workshop is scheduled! Be sure to check your spam folder. If it is the day of and you can’t find your link then email us at

Some users are experiencing difficulty creating accounts and/or logging into accounts from certain browsers or devices. If you encounter trouble try clearing your cache and refreshing your browser. We have yet to successfully eradicate this bug, if it rears it’s ugly head feel free to reach out.

Of course there is!

For banjo, try…
Eli Gilbert:
Jim Pankey:

For mandolin, try…
David Benedict: