The Bluegrass Coalition (BGC) is a chance for bluegrass musicians all over the world to participate in a virtual jam with their peers and their heroes. Originally founded in the LWM Discord server, the Bluegrass Coalition has grown rapidly with each seasonal performance.

Each BGC video features musicians from all over the world playing a common fiddle tune along with the occasional break from a well-known bluegrass musician. Past videos have included guests such as: Bryan Sutton, Trey Hensley, Jake Eddy, Roy Curry, Eli Gilbert, David Benedict, Jim Pankey, Andy Hatfield, and Chris Eldridge. Be sure to submit your break for an upcoming video to be featured with others in the online community and some of your favorite players.

Spring 2024

Summer 2024

Tune: Big Sciota

Key: G major

BPM: 110

Backing Track: 110 bpm

Due Date: July 3rd


It’s time for the Summer Edition of the Bluegrass Coalition! For this performance, the Discord server has agreed to play Big Sciota in the Key of G at 110 bpm! Be sure to spend time practicing before you hit that record button. Please submit your recordings by July 3rd to be considered for the video. (Reminder: In your final recording the backing track should NOT be audible. Please listen to the backing track with headphones so your break video contains ONLY the sound of your instrument!)

Fall 2024

To Be Announced

Winter 2024

To Be Announced

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We've got answers

Try to get your entire instrument in frame, whether or not we can see your face is up to you. Listen to the backing track with headphones while you film. Your final footage should only contain the sound of your instrument. I’ll add the backing track back in later. MAKE SURE NOT TO CUT OFF THE BEGINNING OR END OF YOUR BREAK. LET YOUR FINAL NOTE DECAY COMPLETELY FOR MY EDITING SANITY.

Make your video look as nice as you can if there’s any technical problems I’ll let you know personally. I assume most of you have a Nokia 3310 cell phone in your pocket and the quality of that will probably be okay.

We’re defaulting to Strum Machine’s choice of chords. Whatever is on the backing track is correct.

Yes you can! However, if we get lots of submissions these are likely to get cut. For instance, if you submit a break on guitar and banjo but we already have 30 banjo breaks. I will likely cut your banjo break and only keep your guitar break.

We cycle through faster and slower tempos. I want to give everyone a chance to participate and sometimes that means more reasonable tempo markings. All you speed demons use this as an opportunity to work on your time, then when you go back up to 5,000 bpms it’ll sound like you know what a metronome is.

The only reason your break will be cut is if it doesn’t line up with the backing track or because I can’t open your submitted video. What I will do if I have too many submissions is start splitting breaks. So your full break might not be used, instead I’ll take the first half or second half and pair your break with someone else’s break.

The name tags for everyone’s breaks can say whatever you want (within reason). First name only, first and last name, some clever handle you go by. Just let me know and I’ll make it happen.

There are tons of arrangements for mandolin and guitar at the Tab Store. They sometimes cost a couple bucks so if you’re not into that you can also probably find some great free lessons elsewhere online.

We’ve received permission from Strum Machine to use their product in our Bluegrass Coalition videos. I highly recommend their product, I use it all the time!

I honestly ain’t got the foggiest. I’ll have to make some calls.


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