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Lessons With Marcel is now offering workshops via Zoom to cover all kinds of topics including right hand technique, improvisation, arranging, rhythm, playing in a group, etc. You’ll see everything taught on the YouTube channel in more detail and in a space where questions can be asked live and instructor feedback can be given. The workshops will be hosted by Marcel Ardans, Mickey Abraham and Andy Hatfield, and we’ll often bring in special guests (which will likely include some big names)! 

We love the community that’s been growing on the LWM Discord, the YouTube live streams, and of course the group jams with the Bluegrass Coalition. We want to keep creating educational content and keep creating online spaces for flatpickers and other bluegrass musicians to hang out and one way to do that is with workshops. 

(Remember, Zoom workshops come with follow-up recordings and learning materials.)

December 2nd

Teacher: Mickey Abraham
When: Dec 2nd at 1-2:00 PM Eastern
Level: All Levels
December Tune: St. Anne’s Reel

Once a month Mickey Abraham will be hosting the new collaborative workshop for bluegrass addicts, Flatpickers Anonymous. The workshop will take on the structure of a masterclass. Each participant will be required to work up their break for the designated tune of the month, in the class each picker will present their break and receive feedback from Mickey, other students…

December 9th

Teacher: Hayes Griffin
When: Dec 9th at 1-2:00 PM Eastern
Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Ever tried to figure out one of your favorite Spacegrass classics like “Devlin” or “Neon Tetra,” but got left in the dust on the first chord? Never fear – in this workshop, Hayes Griffin will explain the concept of chord extensions (9, 11, 13) and show you how Tony Rice uses them to get his signature New Acoustic rhythm sound. 

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