The Unofficial Tony Rice Collection, Tab Book

PDF only, no physical copies.

This is a collection of 80 Tony Rice tabs that I have handpicked, reviewed, and reformatted for this collection. This book has taken a decade of work and contains most of the Tony Rice tabs you can find on this site. This book is unofficial and not endorsed by the Rice family or any affiliated entities. This is a free item, just like the majority of the tabs on this site, but if you would like to make a small donation to contribute to the continuation of Lessons With Marcel you are welcome to change the price of this item to whatever you see fit. The book will come in two formats a PDF intended for viewing on screen (one blank page is removed to facilitate proper layout when viewing two pages at once) and a PDF intended for printing at your local print shop (one extra blank page left in to facilitate a cover image and the proper dual page layouts).

If you spot any inaccuracies in the transcriptions feel free to pass them on here:

Thank you all for your continued support!

Update 11/29/22: Typos fixed, missing second page of Swing 51 added, missing line of Texas Gales added, sorting in index fixed, page numbers updated.
Update 12/5/22: Foggy Mnt Rock and Early Morning Rain are now correctly numbered in Table of Contents and Index. Digital version now includes clickable links for navigation and is exported in spreads not individual pages.
Update 12/22/22: Fixed incorrect fonts and incorrect source info in the index.
Update 5/15/23: Orphan Annie 2nd break fixed, Big Spike Hammer chords fixed, Print cover resolution increased.

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