Super Moon, Molly Tuttle (Advanced)

Appears In This YouTube video.

Love this fiddle tune by Molly Tuttle. Super unique!

Molly Tuttle is one of the great guitarists of her generation. I love her playing, her album Rise and her new album When You’re Ready are genre transcending. She’s also the first woman to win Guitar Player Of The Year at IBMA. So we’re breaking down one of her instrumentals, Super Moon. Acoustic Guitar Magazine featured it but I don’t care I’m doing it anyway.

(Advanced guitar tabs generally include a very ornamented version of the melody, chord markings above (with extra extensions and variations), kick-offs, tags, and improvisation that drifts far from the melody at hand. Expect to come across hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides and more in all kinds of combinations as well as syncopation, triplets and other rhythmic challenges. These tabs are excellent if you want to get inside the head of another improviser and explore the choices that an advanced flatpicker might consider.)

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