Marcel’s Bluegrass Coalition Breaks, Tab Book

PDF only, no physical copies.

Excerpt from the author’s note:
“This book contains all the tabbed breaks that I performed for the Bluegrass Coalition videos. Personally, I’ve only participated in four of the six performances, so at the time of publishing this book you’ll notice there are only four breaks. I have every intention of keeping this book up to date and adding more tabs as they are available.

In these breaks I always attempted to create a ‘meta-challenge’ for myself. This sometimes involves performance techniques like double stops, drones, crosspicking, or floating. Other times I’ve tried to quote some of my favorite musicians like Tony Rice, Roy Curry, Trey Hensley, Bryan Sutton and even a film composer in the case of Blackberry Blossom. Sometimes these challenges got the better of me (I admit the alternate tuning arrangement of Cherokee Shuffle that slowly increased 30 BPMs probably didn’t need those floating passages). Still, I hope these transcriptions help illuminate some of my personal methodology to anyone interested.”

If you spot any inaccuracies in the transcriptions feel free to pass them on here:

Thank you all for your continued support!

Update 7/28/2023: Added Gold Rush from BGC Summer 2023
Update 1/4/2024: Added Arkansas Traveler from BGC Winter 2023
Update 4/5/2024: Added Red Haired Boy from BGC Spring 2024

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