Do I Ever Cross Your Mind, Dolly Parton and Chet Atkins (Fingerstyle)

Based On This Performance.

Do I Ever Cross Your Mind is a tune Dolly Parton wrote in 1973 and recorded with Chet Atkins for his album The Best Of Chet Atkins and Friends. This recording was one of three from that record to hit the top 10 on the country music singles chart. Dolly Parton later re-recorded and re-released the tune in 1982, once again hitting the top 10 making her the first artist to hit the country top 10 twice with the same song as the singer.

This is my best shot at transcribing Chet’s guitar part from the earlier recording. I’m not great at this style but I love this tune. Hopefully this at least gets you started.

(Advanced guitar tabs generally include a very ornamented version of the melody, chord markings above (with extra extensions and variations), kick-offs, tags, and improvisation that drifts far from the melody at hand. Expect to come across hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides and more in all kinds of combinations as well as syncopation, triplets and other rhythmic challenges. These tabs are excellent if you want to get inside the head of another improviser and explore the choices that an advanced flatpicker might consider.)

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