Ashland Breakdown, Marcel Ardans (Intermediate)

Information on Ashland Breakdown courtesy of The Traditional Tune Archive.

The perfect arrangement for the fan of Kenny Baker, Bill Monroe or Kenny Baker playing Bill Monroe. Like on that album, Kenny Baker Plays Bill Monroe. In this tab I’ve made some very small adjustments to the Kenny Baker arrangement to improve the layout of the melody on the guitar. This is to be expected in arrangements of tunes that have such a strong mandolin and fiddle origin. Unfortunately sometimes note for note transcriptions are a little impractical. I’ve included the A, B, and C parts in this tab. Beware, some players will only play the A and B parts. Enjoy!

(Intermediate guitar tabs include an ornamented version of the melody, chord markings above, and more often than not, a kick-off and a tag. Where the beginning guitar tabs had quarter notes expect there to now be a steady stream of eighth notes! These tabs, though more difficult than the beginning tabs, do not stray far from the melody like the advanced guitar tabs. Intermediate tabs without a bluegrass kick-off or tag generally come from other traditions such as Irish Fiddle Music (Frank’s Reel) or Spanish Folk Songs (La Borrachita).)

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