Kjerstin Lie

We’ve been super fortunate with Lessons with Marcel. The community has been growing like crazy, both on YouTube and through other avenues like the Discord server. Because the community is so engaged and interested in learning, we decided it was high time to start hosting some workshops! Our goal with the workshops is to provide …

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In 2015, Marcel and I were having lunch at a local pizza joint during his scheduled 45 minute mid-day break. Half-way through the meal, he blurted that he wanted to quit his full-time retail job to do music. I’ve never met someone who could convince me to take such massive leaps blindly in life, but I nodded my head and we started planning the beginnings of what would become Lessons with Marcel.

A few weeks later, we had an “exit strategy” in place and Marcel started a YouTube channel in order to establish legitimacy and networking.

If you don’t already know, get ready for me to learn ya something. IBMA is still happening this year. But, it’s not how you might expect.

It’ll be tough to get that selfie with Rhonda Vincent now.
The International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) and the local organizing committees in Raleigh, NC have announced that while they aren’t cancelling the event entirely, they will instead be moving forward with a virtual event.

The last few weeks have been interesting to say the least. And if you’ve had a meltdown or cried during a work meeting or angrily taken 4-5 neighborhood walks a day during quarantine, you’re not alone, my friend. I, too, have done all of these things.  But today, we’re not going to focus on all …

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February is ALMOST OVER! With the fast approach of daylight savings on March 8th (unless you’re in one of those states that doesn’t participate in this glorious event, *cough cough* Arizona), we can start looking forward to some longer days. And longer days means more time on the weekends to haul your ass out to a festival and have a good time.

Some of you may know me by now, but if you don’t, then hey! I’m Kjerstin, I’m Marcel’s girlfriend. I’ve been around for a handful of years, and I’m an accidental bluegrass fan. This is Bluegrass Anonymous, right? But seriously, calling me a fan is probably an inaccurate description. I often call myself a “wrangler”. Partly, because I think I’m funny but in actuality I’ve been more of a band manager. Band Wrangler? Is that cool?