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If you don’t already know, get ready for me to learn ya something. IBMA is still happening this year. But, it’s not how you might expect.

It’ll be tough to get that selfie with Rhonda Vincent now.
The International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) and the local organizing committees in Raleigh, NC have announced that while they aren’t cancelling the event entirely, they will instead be moving forward with a virtual event.

Speed. Something that comes up with almost every student I teach. Whether they’re underestimating themselves, “I could never play that fast so I’m not going to work on that.” Over estimating the importance of speed, “I get that note choice is important but, like, can you teach me to play as fast as Billy Strings …

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I don’t get a lot of hate comments, I really don’t. The closest my comment section gets to hate is stuff like, “Hey dude, great video! But at 2:34 you have 7/9 in the tab and it should be 9/7. By the way, can you transcribe Billy Strings’ Slow Train?” Those comments are great! I …

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