If you don’t already know, get ready for me to learn ya something. IBMA is still happening this year. But, it’s not how you might expect.

It’ll be tough to get that selfie with Rhonda Vincent now.
The International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) and the local organizing committees in Raleigh, NC have announced that while they aren’t cancelling the event entirely, they will instead be moving forward with a virtual event.

February is ALMOST OVER! With the fast approach of daylight savings on March 8th (unless you’re in one of those states that doesn’t participate in this glorious event, *cough cough* Arizona), we can start looking forward to some longer days. And longer days means more time on the weekends to haul your ass out to a festival and have a good time.

What do contemporary bluegrass, gospel, 90’s R&B, and the Asheville Symphony have in common? Not a whole lot, which makes Steep Canyon Ranger’s new release of Be Still Moses featuring Boyz II Men and the Asheville Symphony a little confusing. I mean I like it, but I want to understand it. I even made some charts like this one to help organize my thoughts.