For roughly the last six months I’ve been releasing a transcribing video every month. Between lessons I take a spare hour to turn the camera on, search through my YouTube comments for a reasonable suggestion, and film myself talking through my process. Hopefully not getting too many things wrong, like in my Trey Hensley video. If you’re not familiar with those videos, the latest installment was Tony Rice’s On And On break. Or you can just binge watch the series up to this point!

I met Maddie Witler at IBMA 2018 and she was definitely one of the stand out instrumentalists. She appears multiple times in the IBMA vlogs I posted on YouTube and I knew I had to get her on the website sometime in the future. Lucky for us, her band just released a new album, Smoke & Ashes. So Maddie was nice enough to talk with me about…

Lyman Lipke from Jazz and Grass here again. I wrote an article a couple weeks ago giving an introduction to jazz. I’m going to talk about common chord types in jazz and how you can voice them simply on the guitar. Yeah, we all want to play the scales and the notes, but we need a solid grasp of the harmony before we can play super sick solos.

Some of you may know me by now, but if you don’t, then hey! I’m Kjerstin, I’m Marcel’s girlfriend. I’ve been around for a handful of years, and I’m an accidental bluegrass fan. This is Bluegrass Anonymous, right? But seriously, calling me a fan is probably an inaccurate description. I often call myself a “wrangler”. Partly, because I think I’m funny but in actuality I’ve been more of a band manager. Band Wrangler? Is that cool?

You know me from YouTube right? I’m a bluegrass guy. What am I doing writing about electric country licks? Well my bluegrass friends recently got together and decided to start a honky-tonk band. That meant I was going to be getting my tele out of the case and I needed to know some more country language. So I got online and I started poking around but like always, the good information I needed was behind a pay wall.