bluegrass guitar

In the current world of bluegrass music we see tons of players who are stellar at their instruments, and of course Marcel looks at these players and their work regularly on YouTube. Modern bluegrass guitar players, specifically, play lead and are pros at improvisation. But lead bluegrass guitar wasn’t always as common as it is …

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In part 2, we talked about using licks that followed the chords of the song instead of playing the melody. In part 3, we learn how to make adjustments to licks to help them to fit into the song better.

You may find that your new favorite lick doesn’t fit where you want it to go. It may be too short, too long, or doesn’t match the chord changes. Here are some adjustments you can make to get the most out of the licks you already know.

Have you ever been told to learn a song in every key? It’s often talked about but rarely done. Few things can improve your knowledge of the fretboard more than working out all your favorite licks and tunes in as many keys as you can. For this article I’ve taken a simple melody version of “Whiskey Before Breakfast” and arranged it in literally EVERY key!

Every week I get lots of requests for videos on certain subjects, whether that be requests for work by certain artists (I swear I will make a Jerry Garcia video at some point), for obscure fiddle tunes that I’ve never heard of (let me learn it real quick then I’ll teach it to you), or for guitar subjects that have been taught to death on YouTube (I’m sorry but that dedicated pentatonic scale video will probably never happen). For one reason or another a lot of these requests…