The Pentatonic Box

Lessons With Marcel

Teacher: Mickey Abraham
When: Saturday, August 26th at 1-2:00 PM Eastern
Where: Virtually via Zoom.
Cost: $40
Seats: 25 Students
Level: All Levels

The simplest way to create a solo over blues, major and minor chord progressions is by using the pentatonic box. This workshop will cover sample licks in major and minor pentatonic to help you create solos over almost any groove. You will come away with an understanding of how to use space and phrasing to create compelling melodies. This workshop is perfect for those who are just beginning to improvise, as well as, more advanced players who want more direction when it comes to jamming over common chord progressions.

[The day before the workshop is scheduled you will receive a Zoom link to access the call. Check your spam folder, we are not responsible for lost emails.]

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