Star Light Zone Theme, Marcel Ardans (Fingerstyle)

As appears in this Instagram post.

This is by far the catchiest tune in the first Sonic The Hedgehog game for Sega Genesis. I would wait forever for my brother to get this far into the game so I could hear the cool music, I think this stage was after the water level or something too. In any case, he was doing good if he made it this far. Enjoy this cool melody!

(Advanced guitar tabs generally include a very ornamented version of the melody, chord markings above (with extra extensions and variations), kick-offs, tags, and improvisation that drifts far from the melody at hand. Expect to come across hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides and more in all kinds of combinations as well as syncopation, triplets and other rhythmic challenges. These tabs are excellent if you want to get inside the head of another improviser and explore the choices that an advanced flatpicker might consider.)

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