Playing Up the Neck

Lessons With Marcel

Teacher: Marcel Ardans
When: Sept 16th at 1-2:00 PM Eastern
Where: Virtually via Zoom.
Cost: $40
Seats: 25 Students
Level: Intermediate/Advanced

It can be hard to move up and down the fretboard. As flatpickers, so much of our work is done between the nut and the 5th fret that you might not even know what’s up there. In this workshop we’ll be learning some classic shapes to visualize the entire neck and then discover ways to ascend and descend the fretboard using a variety of techniques. These techniques come in multiple difficulties and are used by all of your favorite players. In other words, these lines are flatpicker tested and approved and can be taken to your next jam!

[The day before the workshop is scheduled you will receive a Zoom link to access the call. Check your spam folder, we are not responsible for lost emails.]


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