Playing Hot Licks Over a Chord Progression

Lessons With Marcel

Teacher: Andy Hatfield
When: Oct 7th at 2-3:00 PM Eastern
Where: Virtually via Zoom.
Cost: $40
Seats: 25 Students
Level: Intermediate

Join 2-time All-Valley Flatpicking Champion Andy Hatfield for this Saturday workshop on how to use hot licks over a chord progression. We’ll be using the classic banjo song “Theme Time.”  Together, we’ll construct a break using the best licks we can come up with as a group.  Andy will be putting it all together, and explaining a little bit of the “how” and “why” as we go.

This is an interactive class. You can play along at home with the microphone muted, and ask questions or make suggestions as we go. Afterwards, you’ll get a pdf tab of the completed break, and a separate page of all the licks we used. You’ll also get access to a recording of the class you can refer back to later.

If you’ve never played “Theme Time” before, be sure to grab the basic melody tab from the Tab Store.

[The day before the workshop is scheduled you will receive a Zoom link to access the call. Check your spam folder, we are not responsible for lost emails.]

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