Fiddle Tune Improv For Beginners

Lessons With Marcel

Teacher: Marcel Ardans
When: Nov 11th at 1-2:00 PM Eastern
Where: Virtually via Zoom.
Cost: $40
Seats: 25 Students
Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Calling all beginner improvisers! I know improvising can seem daunting, but don’t overthink it. If you’ve learned some basic fiddle tunes but can’t figure out how to improvise cohesively over the melodies and chord changes, this class is for you. In this workshop we’ll go over how to improvise classic sounding breaks that build off the melody and don’t just sound like “noodling”. This is the methodology that I’ve used to teach 100’s of bluegrass guitarists all over the world. It may sound like magic, but it’s not. It’s time to start improvising fiddle tune breaks that make sense and I can show you the roadmap.

[The day before the workshop is scheduled you will receive a Zoom link to access the call. Check your spam folder, we are not responsible for lost emails.]


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