Cripple Creek, Marcel Ardans (Beginner)

Information on Cripple Creek courtesy of Wikipedia.

Cripple Creek is a bluegrass standard. Though it gets played rarely at intermediate and advanced jams, it is a tune that everyone learns in their early bluegrass days. The origin of Cripple Creek is unknown, we have lyrics dating back to 1909 and references to the melody going back further. What made it a standard is liking the Skillet Lickers recording from 1929, if you haven’t heard it yet I highly recommend you go take a listen. This version has definitely been “guitarified”, this is not a super simple arrangement of the melody like you normally find here in the beginner tabs section. But I’m not sure it quite hits the intermediate difficulty level. Enjoy!

(Beginning guitar tabs include a clear simple version of the melody as well as chord markings above. My tabs at this level are intended to be affordable, to the point, and no nonsense. Perfect for the beginner that wants a straightforward version of a classic melody or the intermediate to advanced player that wants to learn a melody but embellish it themselves. Some fiddle tunes are difficult enough that a beginning or even intermediate version is unavailable.)

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