Angeline The Baker, Marcel Ardans (Beginner)

Information on Angeline The Baker courtesy of The Traditional Tune Archive.

The fiddle tune Angeline The Baker comes from the Stephen Foster tune Angelina Baker. The melody has changed and evolved slightly like all classic fiddle tunes but the core remains the same. The main distinguishing factor of this melody is its unwillingness to resolve. The melody never finished on the tonic instead both the A and B parts end on the fifth. I think this is the main identifying factor that gives this tune it’s charm. The arrangement here is shown in simple quarter notes and eighth notes that beginning guitar players should find easy to play. I’ve also made the decision to write it in open D instead of with the capo on second fret in a C shape. So this arrangement will also benefit players that have only learned tunes in the standard flatpicking keys of G and C.

(Beginning guitar tabs include a clear simple version of the melody as well as chord markings above. My tabs at this level are intended to be affordable, to the point, and no nonsense. Perfect for the beginner that wants a straightforward version of a classic melody or the intermediate to advanced player that wants to learn a melody but embellish it themselves. Some fiddle tunes are difficult enough that a beginning or even intermediate version is unavailable.)

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