New LWM Workshops

New LWM Workshops

We’ve been super fortunate with Lessons with Marcel. The community has been growing like crazy, both on YouTube and through other avenues like the Discord server. Because the community is so engaged and interested in learning, we decided it was high time to start hosting some workshops!

Our goal with the workshops is to provide a variety of topics that are different each month so you can pick and choose what’s most interesting or relevant to you. We want these workshops to not only be an affordable option for learning, but also bring the community together through these interactive and fun forums. 

Marcel tests the video call software with his army of illegal clones.

Each month we’ll have not only a different topic, but also a specialized teacher for the subject. So, there is a good chance we’ll be offering some workshops with some really exciting guests!

For the first workshop, our resident teacher Andy Hatfield will be focusing on the popular tune “Cherokee Shuffle”. This tune is a variation of another writer by Fiddler Tommy Jackson in the 1950’s based on the old-time tune called “Lost Indian”. The melody is relatively simple, so it lends itself to embellishment. In the workshop the group will talk through the arrangement as they create it.  

You can find all of the details here. Add the workshop to your cart, and checkout. Once you checkout you’ll receive a confirmation email. Then approximately 1-day before the workshop you’ll receive a link to the workshop!

We look forward to seeing and hanging out with you all.


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