Sierra Hull's Unfamiliar Times – Bluegrass Guitar Lesson

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  1. Your work is impressive, thanks Marcel, your site is outstanding! A quick comment on this one. There’s no reason I can see to not start in drop D, the changed fingerings are easily playable. I’m a fingerstyle player so I see things through a bit different lens of playing more notes than flatpickers, I do like how leaving a lot of harmonic opportunities out opens the tune up in a way, but there’s some places that a bit more could be added for a tad more richness, especially by adding the drop D. If nothing else you can just end on a nice D-A-D power chord or D-A-E with a hammer on to F#. Also for example the song could start with a D/A chord to D-D-F# and add the low D on beat 2 the first 2 measures….maybe play it 2 times through and start to embellish the second time…..or just leave it alone, it’s beautiful as is! It’s nice to have an accurate transcription like this that resembles the original closely from which a player can venture forth from, saved me time writing it out (I’m old, I use pencil and paper, I’m guessing this is Guitar Pro, I’m envious of your skills with this notation program!)

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