Faking Jazz Licks For Rhythm Changes – Guitar Lesson With Tab

3 thoughts on “Faking Jazz Licks For Rhythm Changes – Guitar Lesson With Tab”

  1. Hi Marcel,

    I have thoroughly enjoyed watching your lessons and am amazed at your talent. You are way beyond my knowledge of music but I could use some assistance. I have written a very basic song for my son who recently passed away. I am going to use it but I would like to have it transcribed. I have seen your transcription skills and it would probably take about 5 min for you. However, I am embarrassed at how simple it is, and perhaps not even technically correct. Hence, I need some feedback on who / how I could get his song transcribed? I need to be able to share it with some other musicians? I am willing to pay…thoughts?


  2. Marcel, I wished to read the chords in the intro but over here I see they are blocked by subtitles “faking jazz licks for rhythm cha…!” i guess I will click on the lesson see if it’s the case. anyway.. been learning still so much to learn.. I wish you would do more banjo rolls style lessons.. like the late Jerry Reeds “breakdown” stuff like that is cool .. I’ve been in and out of this style for time.. still always fascinates me there is so much to squeeze of many them famous players.. anyways. aving a mug of joe and going to watch this lesson SATURDAY MORNING lock down Northern New JERSEY

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