Billy Strings' Dust In A Baggie (Living Room) – Bluegrass Guitar Lesson

5 thoughts on “Billy Strings' Dust In A Baggie (Living Room) – Bluegrass Guitar Lesson”

  1. Marcel, you are smart and funny entertainer as well as a great instructor.. lol.. the 5 th measure B ghost note.. I hear you man…. I enjoy this lesson ,, I do focus on holding the chord shapes ( watching Billy /you /having tab makes it fun and easy thanks man!

  2. I like how you explain all the options available and how we should also keep an open in each of these three segments/ really cool how you are using this software.. last time I tried something this fast was trying to get the late “Jerry’s Breakdown” up to tempo.. yeah man you can cook flatpicking.. Hoping I too like after I try muscle memory these G runs.. thanks for the fun freebies Marcel, hope all is safe.. we are basically locked down here in northern new jersey

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