Billy Strings' Everything's The Same Break – Bluegrass Guitar Lesson

3 thoughts on “Billy Strings' Everything's The Same Break – Bluegrass Guitar Lesson”

  1. Very cool , Enjoyed watching and listening to you explain each measure/line.. think you make teaching so much fun and helpful walking us through .. Going to order a couple shirts soon.. lol hey Marcel.. keep em coming.. you made me want to get back into bluegrass again! ty for sharing!

  2. I’m curious about something and it might make a good video. How do you choose the inbetween notes for playing melody oriented breaks? I’m learning how to create breaks (based on your stuff and Hot Licks by Orrin Star). However, many times these are missing more of the melody than I would like. Is there a good method for deciding what to play between notes in quarter note melodies? Lots of my stuff sounds plain.

  3. Such a fun break Marcel. Also super fun to watch you nail it! I’ll get there soon. Thanks for all you do!

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