Bluegrass Triplet Licks – Advanced Bluegrass Guitar Lesson

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  1. Marcel question here,.. I see your are using the pinky (2:01).. Ive been trying both the pinky and ring specifically the higher position up the neck toward to 12th fret.. What do you think for this genre unlike the blues players like for example Gary Moore where he uses the ring finger for bending and vibrato.. I am guess flat pickers are less inclined to use the ring because its not as in demand for blues bending?.. I am not sure.. this genre is relatively new to me ,..why I thought to ask.. thanks ( you probably have already mentioned this in one of your many lessons) but thought you could direct me in reply! ty again Marcel… btw I shared and thumbs up a youtube of yours to another guitar site forum ( can’t say if it gets filtered or not) but I thought it was good enough to share free material especially if it is an important subject /topic or quality tip for all guitar friends ! trying today a dunlop ultex sharp 1.40 mm pick.. I try different picks for different strings .. A favorite go to of mine to date is a brand I discovered by accident years ago picks .. they make a phatpick ..over sized jazz shaped 1.30 mm ( has nice bevels for a nylon and grip textured too ) anyways.. thanks man, happy playing!!

    1. Hey again John! In a lick like the one you’ve pointed out (2:01), more than anything I’m trying to preserve a repeated fingering pattern. That’s one of the nice things about a phrase like this and one of the things that lends it to playing fast as a alternate picked triplet lick. The majority of students I’ve taught suffer from lower accuracy if they try to use their over extended ring finger in a situation like this. I like to say that guitar players are “lazy” a lot. When I say that what I mean is guitar player’s are efficient, and part of efficiency is the right tool for the right job. There’s lots of good arguments for using an over extended ring finger in certain contexts but in this lick, I don’t see the argument. The pinky is a more powerful choice!

      I’m a BlueChip man TAD 50. Highly Recommend!

      1. Thanks , AGREE,.. if the pinky can do it is best to acquaint the pinky as I try both and usually favour the four on four method.. usually ( unless I see the call for a stronger ring for bends full with vibrato like David Gilmour) anyway watching all you fine fiddle tune flatpickers here and on youtube has me now comparing dollar picks.. that cool pick 1.30 phat cat pick is my go to both acoustic and electric but now comparing it.. to a gifted gravity pick also a dunlop ultex 1.40.. .. them gravity picks aren’t cheap! but i like this one i’m sampling.. anyway still learning both Blake and Tony’s church street blues very fun stuff my friend ,..enjoy ty too!

  2. Michael Jacobs

    You’re the only guy I know who has a DC Aura (besides me). How does it compete in a full band setting? Thanks…

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