10 Advanced Bluegrass Guitar Licks

3 thoughts on “10 Advanced Bluegrass Guitar Licks”

  1. Good mug a joe mornin Marcel,.. THIS MORNING USED SLOW SPEED noticed you using pinky leaving out the ring for the first chromatic descendings… any thing in particular,.. is there a reason advantage or is it just your preferred fret fingering?.. I can play this one lesson all morning .. I’m tapping my foot to tempo.. think this is awesome! ty

    1. No particular reason to use that fingering. It is a BAD habit that I’m trying to break myself of. Unlike most people that never use their pinky, I use mine too much!

      1. yes, I started decades ago and started with the four fingers (classical) to four frets.. but than of coarse replacing the pinky for the stronger ring finger for ( bends/vibratos) I learned from watching the blues players.. Marcel, I started this lesson around 9 am finished the ten just now.. using the gear wheel helped get them all to slow tempo.. I’m very grateful for these .. going to recommend you to the forum on the site I been learning blues.. .. the seventh lick is a cool Tony Rice lick .. these ten licks I will continue to practice till I get to tempo ( I don’t even want to use the term speed lol,.. tempo sounds more logical anyway..t eventually, after I do get em flowin,.. will try to share and spread your terrific site with others who might be interested as well! thanks man.. going to order a few shirts later today! peace out thanks again!

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